Whip Meetups

These are free events where we just get together to crack whips, show off our whips, trade ideas, talk about whips and whip making, etc. These are not formal classes, but if you've never cracked a whip before and you'd like to give it a try we'll be happy to get you started. It's also an excellent opportunity to try out whip cracking without having to invest in buying your own whip.

Depending on the weather, I try to organize a meetup about once a month at Veterans Acres in Crystal Lake, IL. During the winter, I do occasionally get the chance to arrange something indoors too.

If you'd like to be on the mailing list to join us, just send me an email at jrc.hand.crafted@gmail.com!


I'm not a professional whip maker, and I am not a professional whip cracker either. However, if you're just getting started and need some help, I am available for private or group lessons.