Heel Knots

The basic heel knot is usually a three pass Turks head knot. The exact knot is dependent on the size of the knot foundation which can be varied a bit depending on the user’s hand size. The profile can be adjusted as well, some people prefer a squared profile, others prefer a rounded profile. The end of the heel knot can be finished with chonchos, paracord braids or spirals, my vanity stamp, or simply covered with the knot. Chonchos are the only heel knot option that I charge extra for. The exact cost is dependent upon the choncho itself.

Transition Knots

Transition knots are strictly cosmetic and are used to hide the transition between the braiding of the handle and the braiding of the thong.

My basic bullwhips do not include transition knots but they can be added for $10.

Wrist Thongs

For many bullwhip owners, the wrist straps main purpose is simply to make a whip look Indiana Jones-ish. Wrist straps were strongly disliked in the old west, as a whip trailing on the ground and attached to the wrist was dangerous. If the trailing end of the whip got caught on something or stepped on by a horse, it would easily rip the rider from their mount.

My basic bullwhips do not include wrist thongs but they can be added for $25.

Fancy Plaiting

Whip handles can include fancy plaiting. Geometric patterns, basic shapes, and even words can be plaited into handles. This requires quite a bit of extra setup and planning before plaiting even begins.