Custom Order Whips

Custom orders usually take 2-3 weeks to be completed depending on my schedule and supplies on hand. Payment in full is expected when the order is placed. I accept payment via Paypal or Venmo only. Contact me at for more details.

Prices below are for custom built whips made in one or two colors. Additional colors can be included at additional cost. Wondering what colors are available? Check out The Paracord Store.

Do you have something particular in mind but don't see it below? Drop me an email, I'm happy to work with you to create a one of a kind whip just for you!

Basic Bullwhip

My basic bullwhips all have a BB loaded core, 2 plaited bellies, and a 16 plait overlay. I usually use steel of fiberglass rods 8-14" long for my cores. If you prefer, I can use the "classic" bullwhip handle core of an 8" spike. Spike handles require an 18 plait overlay.

An optional transition knot or wrist strap can be added for a minor fee, making the whip match the Indiana Jones aesthetic.
  • 4.5' $100 + S&H
  • 6' $135 + S&H
  • 8' $175 + S&H
  • 10' $250 + S&H
  • 12' $300 + S&H

Volt Bullwhip

The “Volt” design is a basic bullwhip with the addition of 8 fine contrast color strands. Just like the basic bullwhip, this comes in a variety of lengths, and optional add ons. The overlay in this case is 24 strands.
  • 4.5' $125 + S&H
  • 6' $160 + S&H
  • 8' $200 + S&H
  • 10' $270 + S&H
  • 12' $325 + S&H


Stockwhip lengths are measured for the thong only. For handles I usually do 1/2 plait over your choice of 5/8" oak or poplar. Add $25 for full plait.
  • 3.5' $90 + S&H
  • 4' $125 + S&H
  • 5' $150 + S&H
  • 6' $180 + S&H

Snake Whips

In the United State when we hear the word "whip" we tend to think of the wild west and the bullwhip. But snake whips were likely more common for cowboys as they could be easily rolled up and stuck into a saddle bag

Construction is almost identical to the bullwhip, but with out a solid handle core. To make up for the leverage loss of not having a handle additional BB weighting is added.
  • 4.5' $100 + S&H
  • 6' $135 + S&H
  • 8' $175 + S&H
  • 10' $250 + S&H
  • 12' $300 + S&H

Pocket Snake Whip

At 2 feet long, and with a short fall, pocket snake whips can quite literaly, fit in your pocket. They require far less material than other whips, frequently using scraps for the belly, and are simple to make. Although they are economical, I don't recommend these for beginners as the short length is difficult to learn the correct motions for cracking.

These can be used as hat bands, and make excellent gifts for the cat herder or whip fanatic in your life!
  • $35 + $10 S&H


Like most paracord whip makers I wax my whips after completion. The process is simply submerging the whip in a paraffin bath for a few minutes and allowing the material to absorb the wax. This process adds weight, tightens the plaiting a bit, and helps protect the whip from wear and tear. One of the side affects of this process is that darkens the cord giving it a wet look and making it look almost leather like. It will also add a "distressed" look to the whip, making it look broken in. This is most noticeable with lighter colored whips.

By default all my whips are waxed, but if for some reason you don't want your whip waxed, it can be skipped.

White Whips

Many whip performers prefer white whips as they contrast well against most backgrounds, making them easy for the audience to see. Of course white whips will quickly pick up dirt and stains from anything they touch, so most performers are also in the habit of spray painting them.

Working with white paracord and making sure that the whip is pristine afterward requires a significantly higher level of care and cleanliness than usual. Because of this I do charge an additional fee of $5 per foot. This additional fee is applied to the handles of stockwhips as well.

This surcharge applies to whips that are 40% or more white.

Shipping and Handling

I typically ship USPS with tracking and insurance. For most whips I charge a flat rate of $25 to ship within the continental US. If you live outside the continental US contact me to figure out shipping costs.

If you live in the Chicago area and want to pick up your whip in person, I'm open to meeting up and giving you your whip in person.